From an honest and simple heart of worship through music, the families of Casa de Israel Yarah congregation in Central Florida began what could only be called an unimaginable dream of worshiping in stages apart from our congregation. Music has been a crucial part of our lives, the core of our congregation’s growth and expression of adoration to our Heavenly Father. This recording is a way to share what Casa de Israel Yarah and Eved Adonai experience in every Shabbat service. It is our most deeply desire to become part of the worship community in all aspect of adoration, through music, teaching and living the word of Adonai, to help and minister to all communities of faith. We are presenting for your consideration our first volume, "Eved Adonai Volume 1"; it includes the themes that have become our most influenced songs from the beginning of our journey in the Torah, and Ruach of Hashem. With influence of leaders like Rico Cortes, Monte Judah, David Pavlik, Mike Velez, our community, and many others around the world, Eved Adonai gives a shot to a dream that our Father and creator implanted in us, which is growing little by little. With your help, support, and enthusiasm we hope to continue bringing the heart of the Father to a song, hoping  that you will make it your all-time favorite.

With this first volume, we are also presenting to you our efforts in acquiring a property with 2.5 acres of land, currently housing Casa de Israel Yarah in Davenport, FL.  All the proceeds generated by this production are going towards this dream and goal.

Thanks for your support in prayers and promotion of our first Volume.

Shalom from everyone at Eved Adonai and Casa de Israel Yarah

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